Summer Hair Care: Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Grab your sunglasses, put on your flip flops and lather on the sunscreen… it’s finally summer! Time to start getting ready for long days at the beach, lounging around the pool and soaking up the sun as much as possible before it’s all over. But what do all our favorite summer activities have in common? They can all be damaging to your hair without proper summer hair care!

Sun-rays, humidity, salt water, and chlorine can all leave you with dry, brittle, discolored or frizzy hair, but luckily this doesn’t have to be the case. Continue reading to find out what is damaging your hair and how to protect it, so you can still enjoy those long beach days without sacrificing your healthy hair.

How Does the Sun Damage Your Hair?

Exposure to UV rays for a prolonged period of time can damage the outer layer of your hair strands, called the cuticle. This leaves you with hair that looks dull and feels dry and brittle. Those with fine hair or color-treated hair are particularly vulnerable to sun damage as the hair is already lacking some of its natural moisture. Sun-damaged hair also ends up being more difficult to style.

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Hair

Thank goodness there are a number of steps you can take to prevent the sun from affecting your hair:

Wear a hat!
This tip might seem simple, but it is often overlooked. Adding a wide-brimmed hat to your summer look not only protects your hair, but is also helpful to shade your scalp and the skin on your face from the sunlight. Plus, it makes for a cute accessory for your beach look!

Use hair products containing SPF
Just like we do with our skin, it’s important to guard your hair with products containing SPF to prevent damage caused by UV rays. Some of your hair products may already have SPF in them, as it’s found in various hairsprays and hair treatments. If you don’t have one, there are plenty of products containing SPF in the market at affordable prices.

Protect your hair from UV rays with a hat
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How Does Swimming Affect Your Hair?

Swimming in both chlorine and salt water can have damaging effects on your hair. Chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils, creating that same dry and brittle texture caused by the sun. Salt water also harms the cuticle, drying it out. Taking steps to reduce the damage caused by water absorbed is essential to your summer hair care routine.

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How to Protect Your Hair While Swimming

Rinse your hair before swimming
To protect your hair from absorbing the harsh chemicals in a pool, rinsing it with clean water beforehand creates a protective coating that helps prevent your hair from soaking up the pool water.

Use a leave-in conditioner
In addition to rinsing your hair before getting in the pool, adding a leave-in conditioner provides an extra barrier to protect your strands from the harsh chemicals in the water. Coconut oil is a great option for this if you don’t already have a leave-in conditioner and is probably already sitting around in your kitchen cupboard!

Rinse your hair after swimming
Even when taking precautions, your hair will still end up with some chlorine sitting on it after a dip in the pool. Letting this chlorine stay on your hair is especially damaging for those with color-treated hair. Giving it a quick rinse with clean water afterwards will wash away any of these excess chemicals.

Protect your hair while swimming
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What Does Humidity do to Your Hair?

Many people are well-aware of the dreaded “humidity hair” on those hot summer days. Humidity tends to affect all types of hair. It can leave you with dry hair, excessive frizz, and an overall fluffy look to the hair.

How to Protect Your Hair from Humidity

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is one of those miracle products that seems to work for everything – including dealing with frizz! Applying coconut oil to your strands helps keep them healthy and shiny, while managing the frizz that comes from humidity.

Moisturize your hair
Making sure you are including moisturizing in your summer hair care routine is important to prevent frizz and flyways caused by the humidity. Engaging in routine conditioning hair masks or applying a leave-in conditioner will ensure your hair stays moisturized in the hot summer months.

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