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The snow is falling, the temperatures have dropped, and the holiday hair season is quickly approaching. Time to drink, dance, and be merry! As the festive season nears, it’s time to start thinking about hair for all your upcoming Christmas parties and events. And don’t forget about New Year’s Eve hairstyles — this is a big one as we will be ringing in a new decade as well as a new year. Are you tired of Christmas tree hair? Here is your guide to all the biggest hairstyles this holiday season.

What are the top Christmas Hairstyles for 2019

Glamour Waves, Frozen Inspired Braids, and rRelaxed Updos are some of the most requested holiday hairstyles requested for 2019.

Glamour Waves

Glamour waves will always be your go-to for any type of holiday style. While the summer season was all about low key, lived in, beach waves, the winter version of waves will have more of a vintage, old Hollywood vibe. These curls will be larger and more defined, with a high shine finish. In comparison to beach waves, glamour waves are much smoother and more polished. To make this style more retro, tuck the hair on the weaker side of your part behind your ear.

Glamour Wave hairstyle from behind

Frozen-Inspired Braids

With the upcoming release date of Disney’s Frozen II, you better believe that braids are going to be big the rest of the season! Think big, textured, Dutch braids, worn to the side just like Elsa. If your hair isn’t long enough to create this sweeping style, hair extensions are a great way to add length and fullness. Crown braids (braids that wrap around the whole head) or braided headbands are romantic ways to wear your hair to any festive gathering.

Fishtails, twists, and knots are great adaptions of the classic French braid. Add any of these elements to add some festive glamour to a ponytail or bun.

Can’t braid? A pull-through pony will give the illusion of a braid but is much easier to create in your own hair.

Disney Frozen Elsa Braid for Christmas Hair

Relaxed Updos

The holidays allow us to wear our hair up in more elegant, glamorous styles. These upstyles are a lot softer, less structured, and not as perfectly in place as your typical wedding or prom updos would be. Think of styles that sit lower on the head, at the nape or loose and over to one side with soft tendrils falling around the face. A faux bob is another great look for the holidays and a fun way to experiment with short hair for a night. If you are attending a very formal holiday event, a higher upstyle like a classic French twist or a big, ballerina bun will add more drama. These looks are smooth but not too sleek, with some softness around the face.

Relaxed Updo hairstyle for Christmas

Christmas Hair Accessories

The hair accessory trend has been building over the last few months and it will definitely be big for the holidays. Adding hair accessories is the easiest way to dress up even the most basic style and create fantastic Christmas hair. 


The biggest trend right now is hair clips and slides. Rhinestones, crystals, and pearls add a sparkling element to any holiday style. They can be worn alone or in pairs or trios for a bolder statement. Try mixing different patterns and textures for a more unique look. The obvious spot to place clips is at the heavier side of your part to keep hair off the face.

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For a more retro style, tuck hair behind your ear on the weaker side of your part and secure in place with a clip or two. Wearing your hair half-up half-down? A bedazzled clip is a great way to secure your style in place. Sporting an upstyle? Add in a clip or two anywhere you want to add a bit of bling.


Headbands are another accessory making a big come back this year. Bigger headbands made of silk and velvet, adorned with pearls and metallic studs, are an easy way to keep hair out of your face. They are a great way to dress up a pony or add more interest to a messy bun.

Off to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Why not have some fun with your hair along with your sweater! The sky’s the limit on this one, so feel free to get creative. Slide some gift bows (or any other item you may decorate a gift or your tree with) on to bobby pins and add them to your style. 

If you are attending a formal party and are really feeling festive, add in some delicate berries, gold leaves, or garlands. In this case, less is more. Use bobby pins or elastics to add these accessories into any up style, as an accent in long braids, or tucked behind your ear.


Bobby pins are a great tool that you likely already have in your hair toolbox. For a more subtle look choose pins that are similar to your hair color. If you want a statement look go for metallic colored bobby pins like silver, gold, or rose gold. Sparkly bobby pins are another fun way to add detail. An eye-catching way to wear bobby pins is in a radial pattern. Tuck hair behind your ear on the weaker side of your part and add bobby pins in a pattern pivoting around your ear.

Bobby pins for Christmas Hair

Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to have some fun picking your favourite looks! Make sure to practice and perfect whatever style you’ve chosen prior to your festive parties, or book in with your stylist to take off the pressure.

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