The Luxury Perks of Having an On-Location Bridal Stylist

Please welcome hairstylist Danielle Dietrick to the HAIR+ blog. Today she will be discussing the perks of having an on-location bridal stylist for your wedding day. Danielle is a hairstylist from Saskatoon, SK, who has been doing hair for nine years and has been specializing in weddings for five years.

Picture this…

It’s the morning of your wedding. You wake up early with butterflies, the big day is finally here! Your bridal party and family are starting to show up, it is time to start going to your hair and make up appointments, but your one bridesmaid is running a couple minutes behind! Then you get caught in a construction zone and traffic on the way to your make-up appointment. Once your make-up is done, you race off to the hair salon to get your hair done, but a couple of your bridesmaids are still back at the other location getting their make-up finished. You are starting to run behind, and there is only an hour until your photographer shows up to start pictures!

Sounds stressful right?

This is the last thing you want to worry about on your big day! You already have put in hours of work, so maybe you should consider the luxury perks of an on-location bridal stylist.

bridal up-do hairstyle

1) You get to relax!

Doesn’t it sound more relaxing to stay in your comfy PJ’s drinking mimosas with your girlfriends while your stylist is doing your hair in your own home?! There is no pressure of having to run around town to make it to appointments. You get to spend your morning enjoying your time with friends and family rather than feeling stressed, which is the last thing you need on your wedding day.

2) Your bridal stylist can stay with you as long as you need

Most stylists will stay with you as long as you need them there! I personally usually stay up until the moment you are ready to walk out the door! This way I am here for final touch ups, and to make sure you are picture perfect ready to start the rest of your day. For weddings that I am also invited to, I always keep extra hairspray, bobby pins, and my curling iron just in case extra touch ups are needed throughout the day.

3) Properly putting in the veil

The veil is a sweet traditional part of any bridal ensemble. But it also is a tricky part of your look! You want to make sure that it is securely in there, but also able to come out easily without ruining your whole hair style! Your bridal stylist will be able to properly put in your veil before you leave for the day, and can also show one of your bridesmaids how to properly take it out after the ceremony and pictures for the reception. We want you looking your best throughout the whole day and this is an essential part of it!

bridal hair with veil

4) Bridal stylists will travel to out-of-town locations

Do you live in a small town out in the middle of nowhere? And the closest salon is a couple hours away? There is NO WAY you could make those appointments work on your wedding day! On-location stylists will travel out to wherever you are located to help you get ready on your big day. Whether you are on an acreage, farm, or small town we can make our way to you. Isn’t that the ultimate luxury?! I personally do quite a few out of town weddings and have traveled up to a couple hours the morning of a wedding to be there with the bride and her girls!

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5) You can have your own glam squad

The wedding vendor world is a small, specialized community. Once you get into it, you meet other vendors who love weddings as much as you do! Which makes it easy for your stylist to give you referrals to make-up artists, photographers, videographers, caterers, DJs, wedding planners, etc.! Many stylists and make-up artists work together as a team and travel out to weddings together! Or if you have a large bridal party, we know many other talented bridal stylists that can come help us do the full bridal party. Stylists that specialize in weddings are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to other local wedding vendors and are more than happy to help you out!

wedding hairstyle

6) You have your own hype team!

Not only do you have a glam squad, but you also have a hype team along with your bridal party! We love, love weddings. And helping people feel as amazing and beautiful as they truly are! The morning of your wedding, you can expect to be showered with glowing compliments. But we are also here to listen if you are feeling a little nervous, or anxious. We will take a couple deep breaths with you, to shake off the jitters and listen if you need to get it off your chest that your mother-in-law is driving you a little crazy that day! We are here to support you and be your cheerleader on the biggest day of your life! And we could not be more honoured that you chose us to be a part of it!

Choosing your bridal stylist

boho bridal hairstyle

I personally got my start in weddings 5 years ago, when my friends began to get married and asked me to do their hair! I was so honoured! But there is so much more to bridal hair than most people realize. Styling hair is one thing, but doing a style that lasts the whole day, and look amazing whether rain, wind, or shine is a whole other ball game!

So, make sure when hiring your stylist, you do thorough research into the types of styles they do by looking on their Instagram, Facebook, or website. I also encourage meeting them before your wedding to make sure you’re a good match! You want to make sure that you click well together, which makes your big day that much more enjoyable when you genuinely like the person who is styling your hair! Also make sure you do a bridal trial before your wedding! I personally make this a part of my contract, because I too would like to meet you before hand! It helps us figure out how much time I will need with you the morning of your wedding, and we also have the chance to try a couple styles until we find the perfect one for you!

If this convinced you that you need an on-location stylist for your wedding day, then I feel I have done my job! I hope this helps you find the perfect bridal stylist for you and that you give yourself the ultimate gift of pampering on your wedding day by having a bridal stylist that comes right to you!

bridal hair on wedding day

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