Black-Owned Hair Salons and Hair Product Businesses

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During a time of extreme pain and suffering in the fight against police brutality and systemic racism, it is important for all of us to do our part to promote change and support the Black community. There are numerous ways to help including donating money, signing petitions, joining protests, educating yourself and supporting Black-owned businesses. The Black Lives Matter website has compiled a list of resources with places to donate, petitions to sign, protests and educational resources where you can direct your aid.

Supporting Black-owned businesses and creators is a crucial step in promoting long-term equality. Throughout history, these businesses have consistently experienced greater barriers to accessing loans and capital. They have also been disproportionately affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing attention to and strengthening Black-owned businesses is essential to promote equal wealth distribution and economic sustainability within the Black community. We have compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of some amazing Black-owned hair salons and hair product businesses that we would like to bring attention to! Please check out their pages, show your support, and remember these steps are important to continuously take in the long-term, not just today.

Melish Beauty Salon

melish beauty salon 1
melish beauty salon 2

Melish Beauty is a Black-owned hair salon located in Edmonton, Alberta. They provide luxury hair services, braiding, hair extensions and more. “We pride ourselves on our excellent service and long-lasting impressions. We always go the extra miles to provide that quality service that you deserve.”


Thriving Tress

Thriving Tress

Thriving Tress is a Black-owned beauty company that creates all-natural hair products. “The idea behind Thriving Tress is to create affordable, all-natural products, made with care and perfection.  These hair products are designed for people who want to promote growth, retain length and to moisturize and protect.”

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Mma’s Hair Salon

Mma’s Hair Salon 1
Mma’s Hair Salon 2

Mma’s Beauty is a Black-owned hair salon based in Calgary, Alberta. They provide a variety of hair services including braiding, cornrows, weave hairstyles and crochet hairstyles.


Zee Beauty

Zee Beauty

“Envisioned and created by Zea Gyampoh, Zee Beauty is a celebration of the beauty of cultural fusion. Zea, also popularly known as Zee Bee, is a Ghanaian-American makeup artist and beauty influencer who was born in Chicago and was raised in Arizona. Through Zee Beauty, she hopes to establish her niche in the market, while honoring the aspects of her background that makes her who she is today.”



Hairbru 1
Hairbru 2

“Hairbru is a hair bar located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our goal is to promote protective styling that is natural and right for you while still honouring your individual spirit. We aim to normalize Afro-Textured Hair in schools & professional workplaces.”




MelaGold is a Black-owned company that creates homemade hair products composed mainly of oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. Their products work for hair-types that are natural, textured, or straightened. These products promote hydration, fortification, and hair growth.


Filedaria Inc.

Filedaria Inc.

Filedaria is a Black-owned hair salon located within the Greater Toronto Area. “Filedaria was created as a solution to the frustrations of women with naturally curly and Afro-Textured hair. Our founder was formally trained in the Dominican Republic, where the schools teach how to properly service all types of hair due to the ethnically diverse population of the country.”


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