The Undercut Quiff

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Before you think about which industrial-strength hair product can secure your hair into place, think about the cut; it’ll make maintaining this style a hell of a lot easier. “Ask your barber to disconnect the sides from the top at clipper grade zero, creating a blunt contrast in length,” says Bradley Smith, creative director at Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow. “Then you’ll need a taper off through the neck and sides while leaving length on top and your fringe will allow room to create texture and volume at the front.”

The quiff is the default hairstyle of adolescents armed with too many hormones and too many bargain hair products. This year’s version is not so try-hard, however. It sees the quiff enter the serious grown-up hairstyle arena via a sharply contrasting undercut and a finish that prizes gentle matte texture over skyscraping stiffness.

Those familiar with keeping a quiff in place will know that technique (and a steady hand) is everything. “To start, towel-dry your hair until slightly damp then apply a pre-styling agent,” says Smith. “Work a dash of sea salt spray into your hair all the way to the roots, then blow-dry your hair into shape, using a round brush to create texture and volume. Follow this by working a coin-sized amount of clay into your hair and create texture with your fingers. To complete the look, use a booster powder to help group your hair together.”

Photos by Prajjal Biswas and Luke Jones on Unsplash
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