10 Popular Men’s Hairstyles for 2020 and Beyond

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People have long considered a woman’s hair vital to her appearance. Though men’s hairstyles don’t receive quite the same hype as those of the fairer gender, a stylish cut can certainly reflect a man’s personality and personal flair.

Men now have more freedom than ever before to express themselves through their hair. A number of men’s hairstyles will be wildly popular going into 2020. Some have only recently emerged whereas others revert to styles of decades ago.

1. Fades

Fades aren’t necessarily a new fad; in fact, they date back quite some time. Some people insist the fade got its start during the 1980s and ‘90s thanks to a number of celebrities of the time. Others consider it a throwback to the military cuts of the ‘40s and ‘50s. By some accounts, the conventional hi-top fade actually originated during ancient Egyptian times and is modelled after traditional royal crowns.

Either way, the fade and shaved lines often accompanying it are going to carry over into the coming decade and will likely be around for years to come. Of course, it’s no longer only paired with the hi-top hairstyle of earlier decades. Today, it’s perfect for men of a variety of cultural backgrounds and personal style preferences. It’s also melded with a number of modern twists.

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2. French Crops

French crops involve a few distinct elements. One is a fringe, also known as bangs. Another is texture as opposed to slicked-down hair. This style is also typically balanced by a fade.

French crops are great for all types of men’s hair whether it’s thick, thin, straight or wavy. It can even help thin, fine hair appear thicker and fuller.

3. Texture

Texture comes into play with the French crop, but it’s not limited to that style. For long and short cuts alike, adding texture to the mix can help create a unique look. In most cases, this style involves wide comb marks in a traditional pompadour and running fingers through the hair or tousling it for a less finished look.

Texture combines the best of smooth refinement and a dishevelled appearance. The result is a modern look that still pays homage to popular hairstyles of the past. Adding extra texture works for a variety of hair types and styles.

4. New Takes on the Traditional Pompadour

According to the history books, the pompadour originated in France during the early 1700s. This style entails flipping the front of the hair away from the forehead and pulling up the sides to meet. It faded out of popularity for a time before being brought back into the spotlight during the 1940s.

Though the pompadour was originally a women’s style, it transitioned into the world of men’s hairstyles during the 1960s with the help of stars like James Dean and Elvis. Moving forward into the coming year, it will be a bit less polished than in previous decades. Again, natural texture will come into play.

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5. Quiffs

Quiffs could be considered a variation of the pompadour. They’re created by curling a tuft of hair up and back from the forehead. These days, quiffs come in a wide range of styles and shapes, from tousled upsweeps with a few strands left hanging over the forehead to refined swoops blended seamlessly into the hair on top of the head.

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In most cases, guys blend this style with some type of fade whether it be high and tight per tradition or long and low as is the growing current norm. Either way, the quiff is yet another option that derives a modern look from cuts of the past. Check out our article The Undercut Quiff for more information.

6. Varied Necklines

Not long ago, straight, square necklines were the only way to go. Recently, though, the V-shaped neckline came into play. From there, necklines began to branch out further. Going forward, the lines are literally going to become even more blurred.

During the year to come, men will be wearing endless variations of those standard lines. They’ll be using unbalanced trims, clean lines paired with fades and any number of new takes on the standard neckline. Of course, if you’re among the millions who prefer those straight lines, they’ll still be in vogue as well.

7. Asymmetry

For as long as most of us, and even our great-grandparents, can remember, symmetry has been synonymous with attractiveness. That’s no longer the case. Uneven styles are rapidly gaining popularity with short hair on one side and longer locks swept over to the other. This concept is making its way into several styles from the fade to the pompadour and beyond.

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8. Buzz Cuts

Many modern men’s hairstyles have spawned from military cuts, and the buzz certainly falls into this category. Today, a number of men are opting for standard buzz cuts offering a short, symmetrical look that’s unlikely to ever go out of style. Still, various fades and designs are helping to add a great deal of individuality to the standard buzz.

9. The Caesar

For the most part, stylists spawned the Caesar cut as a way to make wide foreheads less noticeable. It involves short bangs, or fringes as they’re often called, and is generally paired with a fade. Plenty of room for individuality and variation is available with this style, though, and it’s not only geared toward men with certain facial shapes or forehead types.

10. Undercuts

Undercuts resemble fades in many ways, but there are certain differences. For one, the undercut leaves behind shorter hair as opposed to gradually “fading” from long to short. In some cases, the hair is shorn right down to the scalp.

Undercuts can accompany hair of virtually any length, from buzz cut proportions to long. When pairing undercuts with long hair, a couple options are available. Men can pull up those longer locks into a man bun to show off the short sides or leave the hair down to make it appear thinner and less voluminous.

All Things Considered

Going into 2020, a wide range of men’s hairstyles are going to come into play. Some revert to age-old classics while others have only recently gained popularity. Here in the modern era, though, almost no style is off-limits. Men of all ages and hair types are free to break away from the norm and create styles on their own.

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