Low Maintenance, Lived-In Hairstyles for Women

Please welcome hairstylist Robyn Saulnier to the HAIR+ blog. Today she will be discussing “lived-in” hairstyles for low maintenance. After working in two different salons in Edmonton, Alberta, Robyn decided to start her own business, RS Does Hair, a home studio where she specializes in blondes and balayage, textured bobs/lobs and lived-in hair.

Let’s talk low maintenance.

I started doing hair in 2012 and balayage was the brand-new kid on the block. I was very fortunate to get acquainted with it from the start of my career because this trend has STUCK. Low maintenance, “lived-in” color (coined by colorist Johnny Ramirez) is my bread and butter, and 95% of the color services I perform. It embraces your natural hair color as the base, while adding dimension and texture to otherwise monotone hair. There are hundreds of different techniques and placements used to achieve the look, and they all have something in common – an easy grow out. Being a low-maintenance kind of gal myself, I love being able to provide a service that not only looks good when you leave the salon, but for months to even a year later. 

Lived-in blonde balayage hairstyle for low maintenace

Lived-In Hair Coloring Techniques

There has been a major shift in the industry over the last few years toward more natural looking color. If you’ve ever noticed a child’s hair after a summer of playing in the sun, you’d see the natural lightness that comes around their face. You’ve all by now heard the term “money piece” – that bold light piece around the hairline – which mimics how the sun naturally highlights your hair. This naturally placed lightness is the foundation of balayage hair color.

Blonde balayage with money piece highlights

Gone are the days of your standard highlight/lowlight services – it is all about custom coloring now. “Root smudge”, “root tap”, “root melt”, “foilyage”, “teasylights” etc., have all emerged under the umbrella of lived-in color and exemplify the vast customization that comes with the territory. Because of the customizability, this trend is perfect for anybody who wants the best of both (light and dark) worlds. 

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Haircut Techniques for Low Maintenance

BUT lived-in doesn’t just describe color, cuts can be lived-in as well! Anh Co Tran is someone I have looked up to for years in terms of hair-cutting. If you’re like me, you’ve had haircuts in your lifetime that have taken weeks to finally look “right”. I would always love my haircut just a little bit more after living in it for a month or two, as the ends become more disheveled and a little less “tidy”. You should love your cut the second you leave the chair, and I knew I wanted to provide that for my clients every time they see me.

Low-maintenance haircut with brunette balayage coloring.

Different texturizing techniques can achieve an “undone” look that you see so much of these days. I cut the majority of my client’s hair dry (don’t tell my hair school instructor that). I am a very visual person and cutting it dry allows me to see exactly how the hair lies, the growth patterns, and how the cut will complement the color. Color is one thing, but the perfect haircut can make or break a service. 

I have travelled to different cities and countries to expand my knowledge and skills around these techniques, and I honestly don’t see these trends going anywhere anytime soon. Of course, the cherry on top is the finishing products and styling, but that is a whole different story.

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