Subdued Fashion Tones

subdued fashion tones

Please welcome hairstylist Jessica Munro to the HAIR+ blog. Today she’ll be telling us about both vivid and subdued hair colors in fashion, including the professional workplace, as well as the work involved with maintaining your hair color.

Jessica Munro is a senior stylist at HairBenders Salon in Airdrie, Alberta, which is north of Calgary. She is a RedKen color certified artist and transformation specialist. You can find more of her work on Instagram, her handle is @jesskamun.

Trends are once again heading back towards more vivid colors, but now with a twist! These are the days of the dusty rose, the smoky blues and violets. Whether you opt for a full head color or balayage highlights accented with a few bright pops of color, adding bold colors can be an easy and fun way to update your look and have everyone asking where you get your hair done.

I personally work with Redken and use their power line, Shades EQ. This product is an acidic, demi-permanent color (Byrdie’s article What is Demi-Permanent Color). With the power line, I am able to bring in small impacts of vivids or create an overall color that is perfect for my clientele. Even better, the colors can fade away, saving you from having to go back to your salon for another colour correction or touch up.

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Professional Bold Color

As tasteful tattoos becomes more prevalent in the professional world, businesses are also becoming more and more lenient of extra-bold hair colors. This means it may no longer be unprofessional in your work environment to add pops of violet into blonde hair, create an overall dusted rose canvas, or even add hints of subtle blues through an icy blonde!

Color Maintenance

Maintenance is also easier than it once was. Long gone are the days of bold colors needing a refresh every 2-3 weeks. “Color bombs,” or “take home custom conditioners,” are making it easier for people to wear these colors for longer. Personally, as a stylist, I send a custom colored conditioner home with each of my vivids clients, which they can apply once fading starts to occur. This helps people upkeep bold colors for up to 4 weeks longer depending on the canvas.

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When it comes to wearing vivids, we all need to keep in mind that there will need to be significant maintenance. By not following the appropriate home care routine, you can easily waste the hundreds of dollars you just spent on a brilliant hair color. As a client, it can be a big responsibility to take home and use the prescribed products to maintain such a color.

Color and the Environment

Your environment might also impact your hair care routine. I live in Alberta, Canada where the extreme dryness of the winter months makes people’s hair brittle, which is a huge problem. Regularly applying products for protein (I recommend Redken’s Anti-Snap) and moisture (I recommend deep conditioners, lotions, and serums, specifically Redken’s All Soft and All Soft Mega line), is essential. As stylists, we do our best to provide you with a specialty service, but it’s up to our best team mate — YOU, our clients — to keep the torch burning.

It is also important to understand that vivids do require a special type of hair. Clients with lighter hair should consider silvers, blues, violets and pinks. On the opposite end of the spectrum, clients with darker hair to start should consider reds and coppers.

women wavy red color hair

Find the Right Stylist

When shooting for lighter tones, make sure to find a stylist you trust to help you with the right preparation and execution. Keep an open mind through the journey as you may need multiple appointments to accomplish a bold color while keeping your hair healthy. Also note that achieving these colors can be an investment and you’ll also need a flexible wallet! Most importantly, don’t forget that keeping your vivid colors looking great will require significant maintenance on your part. If you are looking for a vivid tone but like to keep your hair low maintenance, consider a balayage away from the root with a take home color bomb.

Be brave! Try something new and you will most likely end up with a new favorite!

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