Should You Dye Your Hair? Check Out the Pros and Cons

To dye your hair or not to dye your hair? It can be a tricky decision. After all, permanent hair dye is going to last a long time, unless you have it stripped or covered up with a different color. If you’re thinking about dying your hair but aren’t sure if it’s the right move, check out the pros and cons to learn a little more about what to expect.

Pro: A New Look

New hair color can give you a whole new look. Whether you’re looking to change your appearance completely and go bold or you’re looking for something a little more subtle, hair color can be the way to do it. It’s possible to go a little (or a lot) darker or lighter, or to choose from more unique options that might look fantastic with the way you dress and your personality.

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Pro: Adds Dimension

Some people’s natural hair doesn’t have much dimension, so it looks flat. Custom hair dye, however, can add dimension, even without drastically changing hair color. It’s possible to get highlights and lowlights to add dimension and, for those who have thinner hair, to make their hair look thicker. This can help make the hair look more vibrant as well, even if you keep the natural hair color as the base.

Pro: Express Your Personality

Hair dye can be an easy way to express yourself and show off your personality. While this can also be done with your clothes and makeup you wear every day, hair dye is a more permanent way to show off your personality. Temporary dyes are perfect for this because you can change them easily.

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Pro: Get Noticed

Dying your hair can help you stand out and be more noticeable. It’s possible to choose a dye that creates a look no one else has or that isn’t common where you live. It’s possible to get hair colors that aren’t natural, so you can go for a look that’s really going to help you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

Pro: Infinite Possibilities

There are infinite possibilities for hair dye, and they’re not really dependent on your current hair color. Right now, some of the more popular styles for hair dye include galaxy hair, sunset hair, and Elsa hair (white with blue undertones designed to look like Elsa from the movie Frozen). It’s possible to combine any colors in a variety of different ways to get a unique or stylish look.

Pro: Permanent Dye Is Not QUITE Permanent

Even permanent dye is not actually permanent. If you’re moving, starting a new job, or making any other big changes in your life, it may still be possible to change your hair color to match your mood or to just go for a new look. If it turns out you really don’t like the color, your hair stylist can advise you about whether it’s possible to change to a color that fits you better without damaging your hair too much.

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Con: Damaging for the Hair

Permanent hair dye, especially bleach, can damage hair. The way such dye works can cause issues with the structural integrity of hair strands, which can lead to issues like the hair drying out or becoming more prone to breaking. These issues can become much worse if you dye your hair frequently. You can minimize these issues by using temporary hair colors if you want to change the color often.

Con: Requires New Hair Regimen

Hair care for dyed hair is different than for natural hair. It’s important to maintain the new hair color properly, as certain shampoos and other hair care products can damage the dyed hair or cause the colors to fade prematurely. Instead, it’s better to get products that work well for dyed hair, though it may take some time to figure out the exact right products to use. This can be an additional cost that many people don’t expect when they dye their hair for the first time.

Con: Hair Won’t be Shiny

Dying can remove hair’s natural luster, so your hair won’t really have the same shine it had with your natural color. The reason for this is because dye impacts the hair’s cuticle layer, which impacts how shiny the hair can be. There are products available to help with this, but how well they work will depend on the hair, the dyes used, and other factors. It may take some experimenting to find out what products can help restore the shine.

Con: Hair Will Need Touchups

As hair grows, you’ll need to touch up your roots so they match the rest of your dyed hair. Depending on the shampoo used, the color can start to fade relatively quickly, which means you’ll need to touch up your colour to keep your hair looking fantastic. This con, however, can be a positive for people who would prefer to use temporary dye as they’ll have the chance to switch to a new color more frequently.

Con: Can be Costly

The cost of having hair dyed. While there are cheap alternatives to working with a stylist, it’s easy to end up with a dye job that just doesn’t look right and may not be the exact color you expected. On top of the cost for the initial dye, there are also costs with touching your hair up regularly, and you may need to purchase new shampoos and conditioners.

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