The Textured Crop

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Since the bad bowl cuts of nineties and the acne-inducing emo side sweeps of the noughties, sensible men have instinctively given fringe haircuts a wide berth. In most cases this has been wise risk aversion. But, this year’s big hitter on the fringe front – the textured crop – is neither scarily precise nor antisocial, just flattering for the majority of guys.

The style, in a nutshell, is a remix of the short back and sides where the length on top works with gravity rather than against it. “The messy cropped cut works with your own natural growth patterns,” says Robbie Burt at London’s Sharps Barber and Shop. “It’s best on those with thick hair that has natural texture. You should ask your barber for the makings of a high and tight but ask for plenty of length to be left on top which should be cut for bold, square texture.”

Photos by Ezequiel Garrido and Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

The style comes from the woke-up-like-this school of hairdressing, so if you’ve got several thousand hairs out of place that may be a good thing. “Maintaining this style involves minimal fuss,” says Burt. “By working a matte paste through your hands and applying evenly through your hair you can create a softer, undone appearance.” If you’re more slick Rick that bird’s nest though, you’re still eligible to apply. “To create something with a smart, smoother finish by using a water-based pomade.”

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